July 2018 Newsletter

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday, June 19th Lindsay Curling Club held its Annual General Meeting and it was so nice to see so many of our members join us for this meeting. Wendy Findlay, our club president, welcomed everyone and introduced Emma Ireland, our club treasurer, to give us her report.. Emma gave a presentation that illustrated the revenue and expenses that club has had over the 2017/18 fiscal year. She pointed out that the club had a very successful year and ended up with a net income of nearly $30,000. Emma explained that the majority of that revenue came from a reduction to our utilities expense.

If you may recall we purchased and installed a controlling system last summer and it allows us to control the temperature of the ice, ice plant and also the ice shed temperature. It works similar to your home thermostat where you can control the temperature of your home during the winter nights. You probably have the furnace temperature turned done a few degrees while you are sleeping and come on again in the morning when you are getting up. We can use the same setbacks with the ice plant and shed temperature during the evening when the ice is not being used or if we have a free weekend during the curling season when the club is not open. We also were very energy conscience this past season and made sure lights were turned off when not in use, we turned down the temperature of the lounge areas a few degrees and we had some of our lights replaced through a small business lighting program that became available.

As a result of such a financially productive year Emma made a motion not to have an increase to our dues structure and that they remain the same as last year. See the attached 2018/19 Registration Form (Click here for the form) for the various leagues that will be offered again this curling season and also the associated fees.

There were several reports given by the various sections and many donations were given to the club. We are very lucky to have so many members who give of their time to organize and run various fundraisers within each section that our members participate in. These dollars are greatly appreciated and I would like to recognize the various sections and their donation. The Day Ladies Section donated $8,000.00, the Tuesday Evening Women's league will be presenting the club with a cheque for $3,300.00, the Inter-Club League donated $750.00, the Curl and Dine donated $4,785.00, the Thursday Skip Entry League donated $800.00 and finally the Men's Section presented the club a cheque for $5,000.00. All in all, $22,635.00 in donations were presented to the club. Thank you again to all the above sections for their donations.

Next on the agenda, incoming President John McCrae thanked Wendy for her time as President of the Club and presented her with a Past Presidents' pin. John then thanked the outgoing Board of Directors – Barb Brown, Cathy Mullins, and David Wells for their time and service to the club. He then introduced the incoming Directors for this season. We welcome Brenda Bonis, who will be acting as Secretary, Susan Bianconi, Day Ladies President, will be taking on the Social and Special Events position and the Tuesday Evening Ladies President, Linda Demerse, will be overseeing Bonspiels and Scheduling. John also introduced Kim Ross, who has been our Club Secretary for several years, as our Vice President for the next two years and will eventually take over from John. He also welcomed our returning Directors John Ireland – Ice and House, Angie Melaney – Marketing and Membership, Doug Ross – Director of Bar, Emma Ireland – Club Treasurer and Wendy Findlay as Past President. I am looking forward to working with our new and returning Directors and we need to thank them for their time and effort.

The evening concluded with the drawing of the name of the member who will be winning back their membership through the Early Bird Registration. There were 80 members who signed up early for the coming season and that membership revenue helps us cover costs over the summer months until registration in September. Congratulations to Noreen Moore who will be refunded her membership dues and will be curling for free next season!!

Lindsay Fair Gates:

As you may remember the club has been manning the gates for the Lindsay Fair for many years now and we will be doing it again this year. The following is a note from Cathy Terry who has the task of organizing volunteers for the five days of the fall fair. The following is a note from Cathy about some changes that will be taking place this year.

Hello everyone,

We will have an all new look to the fair gates this year. It is now fenced all around the inner side of the road way around the fair grounds. Parking will be in the lots to the outside of the roadway. We will have five gates disbursed around the inner side of road. There will be no parking fee. All will have to access the fair through one of these gates. A wristband will be out on each person. Anyone without a wristband will be escorted out.
We will require more help, mainly evening shifts. If you are available for an evening shift, please let me know. We will also have security at the gates. We will park in the volunteer/vendor lot as previously. Everyone will wait in the office and a ride will be given to the area working.
A training session will be on Sept. 17th. Time and location later.
This is an excellent fundraiser for our club, so please call if you wish a specific time, or if you get a call from us, kindly set aside some time for this, as it is not hard work. This year the fair runs from Wednesday, September 19th to Sunday, September 23rd

Thank you,

Cathy Terry

Golf and Steak Day:

Just a reminder of our Golf and Steak Day. We are looking at Sunday, September 30th as the day to hold the function. We would go out to Deer Run Golf Course play 12 holes of golf and then come back to the club for a steak BBQ dinner. In the past, we used a shot gun start at 2:00 pm which meant that everyone would tee off at the same time, play their 12 holes and end up back at the club 5:30 or so and then we would have our meal.

See the attached registration form for the Golf and Steak Day (Click here for the form).Please print and fill out the form and return it and your cheque payable to the Lindsay Curling Club on or before September 7th, 2018.

FlashBack Dance:

On June 2nd our club organized and hosted a dance out on the playing surface. Back in October a small committee was organized. We had our first meeting with Doug Rice, one of the members of the band FlashBack, a few months later posters were made and distributed out and around the town. Tickets were printed and starting in January we began advertising the dance and tickets were available for purchase.

Before you knew it we were fast approaching the June 2nd weekend. Chairs, tables and risers for the stage were rented from the Lindsay Agricultural Society. With the help of Tim Finley and his Timberfell crew, we picked them up at the fairgrounds and transported everything back to the club. A setup crew was organized and all the tables, chairs and stage were set up in no time at all. There were 253 tickets sold and all who attended seemed to enjoy themselves. A big “Thank you” goes out to Cheryl Saunders, Mary Ellen Gerster, and John McCrae for being on the committee and also a shout out to the Bar Crew, the members who sold bar and 50/50 tickets and those members who collected admission tickets, as well as, the Set Up and Take Down Crews. Thank you one and all!! After expenses the club was able to make $5,300.00.

Lost Stones: (continued)


“The Finest Consignment of Curling Stones Ever…”

Written by David M. Sgriccia
Detroit Curling Club

Part 3 Cargo

On Sunday, September 3, 1939, at 3:40 a.m. the Athenia passes Inishtrahull, an island off the northwestern corner of Ireland. Poland has been under attack for over 48 hours. At 8 a.m. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain sends his ultimatum: Germany must stop all aggressive action in Poland by 11 a.m. British Time. At 11:14, having received no word from Germany, Chamberlain announces in a radio speech that France and the United Kingdom are now at war with Germany. At 11:15 on the Athenia, Second Radio Officer Donald McRae picks up news of the UK’s declaration of war from the radio station at Valentia, Ireland. Captain James Cook of the Athenia draws up a notice to inform the passengers that war has been declared. The passengers crowd around the notice board to read the announcement. The news is greeted in silence.

Meanwhile, German Commodore Karl Dönitz signals his U-boat crews: “U-boats to make war on merchant shipping in accordance with operations order.” At 2 p.m. on the U-30, Oberleutnant Fritz-Julius Lemp, 26-year-old commander of the 650-ton submarine, receives signal confirmation that the UK has declared war on Germany. He gives orders for the U-boat to make for its operational area.

At 7 p.m., Lemp is on the submarine’s conning tower as a Force 4 wind is whipping up the waves around U-30. He and his artillery officer see the silhouette of an approaching big ship. They wonder if it is one of the British armed merchant cruisers that they have been warned to be on the lookout for. On the Athenia, Captain Cook joins the first-class passengers for dinner. At 7:15 Lemp orders the submarine to dive, and the klaxon sounds ‘battle stations’. He is still unsure of the identity of the approaching ship but thinks it suspicious that she is showing no lights even though dusk is now falling. Lemp decides to attack.

On the Athenia’s deck at 7:38, a group of children are singing that summer’s big hit, “South of the Border, Down Mexico Way.” On the U-30 Lemp gives the order to fire the torpedoes, 1,600 yards from the Athenia. Two torpedoes miss the Athenia completely. Another is faulty and is stuck in its tube. The fourth finds its mark. It explodes in the Athenia’s No. 5 hold and against the engine-room bulkhead. Its impact claims the first victims of the war in the West. Edith Lustig is blown overboard by the force of the explosion. She is never seen again. Ten-year-old Margaret Hayworth is mortally wounded by a flying metal splinter.

Among the documents uncovered by Mr. Wyllie we find a cablegram to Andrew Kay & Co. from the sales representative in Toronto inquiring about the status of his upcoming shipments of curling stones. On August 28, 1939, the company replied via cablegram: “Mr. H.H. Chisholm: London, Toronto and Lindsay orders sailing Athenia Friday Insure War Risk.” On September 4, the company wrote a letter to Mr. Chisholm that said in part: “… your orders for London, Toronto and Lindsay went forward from here, after inspection by Mr. Faulds, for shipment on the ill-fated SS Athenia… We now learn that the Athenia was this morning sunk off the coast of Scotland, and we regret that the finest consignment of curling stones that have ever yet left our factory has gone with it.” Mr. Wyllie also found the three bills of lading:

    London Ontario CC £201/12/- (old British money)
    16 cases. Each case contained 3 pairs Curling Stones
  • 48 pairs Blue Hone Ailsa Curling Stones 40 lbs.
  • 5-inch cupping on both sides
  • Countersinking for square-headed bolts
  • White Metal Handles
  • Vulcanite Handle Inserts

    Toronto High Park CC £172/40/-
    Cases Nos. 1-13 contained 3 pairs Curling Stones
    Cases No. 14 contained 2 pairs Curling Stones
  • 41 pair Blue Hone Ailsa Curling Stones 40 lbs.
  • 5-inch cupping on both sides
  • Countersinking for square-headed bolts
  • White metal handles
  • Vulcanite Handle Inserts

    Lindsay CC £210/-/-
    Cases Nos. 1-16 contained 3 pairs Curling Stones
    Case No. 17 contained 2 pairs Curling Stones
  • 50 pair Red Hone Ailsa Curling Stones 40 lbs.
  • 5-inch cupping on both sides
  • Countersinking for square-headed bolts
  • White metal handles
  • Vulcanite Handle Inserts

    The total being:
    278 Andrew Kay & Co. Excelsior Ailsa Curling Stones with handles
  • 47 cases. Weighing nearly 12,000 lbs. or 6 tons.
  • 1939 Value – £585/12/- or approximately $2,550.00 USD ($23,740.00 today’s value). (This does not take shipping or sales commissions into account).

At the curling stone factory there were at least two other orders that did not make it onto the Athenia. The Hamilton Thistle Club had a 34-pair order and the Toronto CC had a 50-pair order in process. These orders were shipped in October and December 1939.

I would like to point out that this was a watershed moment in the evolution of the game. The Toronto Curling Club was the first club in Ontario to provide matched club stones for its members in the 1937-38 season. These matched stones had 5-inch cupping (the running surface) on both sides since they would be used on refrigerated ice. There was no longer a need for one side of the stone to have a smaller running surface (3-1/2 to 4 inches) used for outdoor or natural ice which becomes “soft” or “heavy” in warmer weather. Secondly, the countersinking for square-headed bolts was new. Previous bolts had round heads and were susceptible to loosening handles during play. Interesting that today we have switched back to the round-headed bolt. Hmmm?

(Next Month: Part 4 Lost)

Reminders for your Calendar:

  • Wednesday, September 12- Registration for the 2018/19 curling season - 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday, September 19 - Sunday, September 23 - Lindsay Fair - LCC works the gates

Have a great summer!! See you in September!!

Dave Nigh