April 2018 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Another year has come and gone. The curling season seems to fly by faster every year and this one was no exception. Our Championship Steak Night was well attended by members and also by many of our advertisers. It is always great to see those who support us come to our final night so we can say "Thank You" for their continued support.

The teams playing on championship night were piped in by Brian Gowan, who did a terrific job. Before introducing the participating teams, President Wendy Findlay, handed the microphone over to our youth coordinator, Diana Rogers. Diana had two special presentations to make to two of our youth curlers. Owen Porteous and Miranda Teel had earlier qualified for the provincial championships of the Hit, Draw Tap Competition. Both of these young curlers travelled to Huntsville to take part in the competition which was held in conjunction with the Men’s Tankard playdowns. Owen finished sixth in his age category and Miranda finished first in her age group. They were recognized for their efforts with were presented with their medal and trophy. We had learned that Miranda was celebrating her birthday this day and we all sang ”Happy Birthday” to her. Something that she will remember for years to come.

Wendy welcomed our advertisers, members and introduced the teams who were playing that evening in their respective leagues. All six games were well played and our members and guests were treated to excellent shot making. The following were the results of the six championship games.

Monday Men's Champions Flavelle Cup Sponsored by John Baldry – Ryan Miles (Spare Jim O’Reilly), Doug Murray Chris Curtin and Tyler Jones
Tuesday Evening Women: Sheila Radford Memorial – Cheryl Saunders, Lynda Demerse, Chrystal Leavens (Spare Mary Keenan) and Susan Ireland
Thursday Skip Entry "A" Event Sponsored by Staples & Swain – John Bolton (Spare Angie Melaney), Dave Farr (Spare Tara Stephen), Terry Jenkins and Spencer Bolton ( Spare Erin Jenkins)
Thursday Skip Entry "B" Event Sponsored by MacKey Memorial – Julie O’Neill, Lisa Jones, Susan Cully and Chrystal Leavens
Thursday Skip Entry "C" Event Sponsored by Roblin Memorial – Isaac Breadner, Mike Goodhand, Steve O’Connell and Adam Jones
Thursday Skip Entry "D" Event Sponsored by Seabrook Rent-All – Terry Gavan, Todd Meredith, Ken James and Gary Ralph (Spare Cam Shuttleworth)

Completed Finals not played on Championship Night....

Monday Women’s Champion Sponsored by Eleanor Baldry – Barb Fairbairn, Carole Douglas, Marion Perras and Susan Ireland
Tuesday Ladies Skip Entry Kawartha Sod Champions - Noreen Moore, Sue Ledoux, Marg Preston, Nancy McKague and Bev McMillan
Thursday Women’s Champion Sponsored by Kawartha Lakes Classic Flowers – Cathy Terry, Kathy Simpson, Linda Matson and Jan Robinson
Women’s Club Champion – Cathy Terry, Carole Douglas, Marion Perras and Jan Robinson

Congratulations to all the curlers who took part on Championship Night and also everyone who played in the various leagues over the season.

Throughout the year the club hosted many bonspiel some in-club and others open to out of town teams. It takes a lot of work to organize and run all of these spiels and we would like to thank all of our members who had a part in organizing and running a spiel. It would be impossible to thank everyone by name for fear of leaving someone off the list so I would like to say ”Thank You” to all who volunteered their time to organize these spiels throughout the year.

There is another group of people that we need to thank and they are our convenors who organize our leagues. They spend countless hours preparing our leagues and schedules throughout the season. They organize skip meetings for their leagues where teams are formed and make many calls, text messages and emails leading up to and after these meetings. In many of our leagues, convenors enlist the assistance of rover convenors, who by the way, need to be thanked as well because they have the task of finding spares for those who may miss a game or two throughout the season.

As you can see it takes a lot of time and effort to put together the different leagues and we thank them for all of the hours of preparation. I would like to just take a minute to identify our league convenors and say "Thank You" for making this another successful year. Monday Night Men - Andy Hiddink, Monday and Thursday Day Ladies – Marilyn O’Reilly, Allison Chenier, Diana Rogers and Marj Smith, Tuesday Evening Women - Marg Preston, Brenda Bonis, Kathy Simpson and Connie Quibell, Seniors League – Doug Murray, Lawrence Drummond, Dan Reynolds, Maxine Anderson, Faye and John Flood, Wednesday Night Mixed Skip Entry League – Doug Ross, Friday Curl and Dine - John McCrae, Jerry Ford and John Baldry, Friday Night Mixed – Cathy Mullins, Jack and Jean Kyle, Tuesday Ladies Skip Entry – Jan Robinson and Marj Smith, Tuesday Major League - Jim Scott, Thursday Skip's Entry – Diane Jenkins and Lynn Joyce, Special Olympics - Finni Verbik, John McCrae and Terry Gallagher and our Youth Program – Diana Rogers, Bruce Rogers, Mike Smith, Angela and Jeff Porteous. On behalf of all of our members “Thank You” again, we appreciate your efforts.

Fundraising Dance:

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter the Lindsay Curling Club is organizing a dance to take place at the club on Saturday, June 2nd. The proceeds of this dance are going to assist with the funding of the accessibility project. The band featured is ”Flash Back” and they play mainly 50’s and 60’s music. Tickets are avaliable from the following individuals and locations: Lindsay Curling Club Office, Mary Ellen Gerster, Cheryl Saunders and at Wally’s Haircutting. The dance is open to the public and of course the members of our club. The cost per ticket is $20.00 and we hope to sell 500 tickets. Mark this date on your calendar and please support the club and purchase a ticket or two.


We have had several bonspiels over the last month which have brought many new faces to our club. They all received the usual "friendly hospitality" that the Lindsay Curling Club is known for and were treated to the best ice conditions around.

First was the Bromont/Zancor Men’s Spiel held on March 2nd ,3rd and 4th. We had 24 teams participating in this three day bonspiel. The curlers were treated to pizza and a complimentary beverage on Friday evening and many teams took part in the calcutta that followed the late draw. The next day, the teams had a Subway lunch and then a BBQ steak dinner to finish off the day. On Sunday morning the curlers along with many of our members and friends enjoyed a pancake breakfast organized by the TEW section. All in all, everyone was well fed and seemed to enjoy the weekend of curling. The eventual winning rink was Terry Corbin and his team from the Brant Curling Club who, by the way, has won this spiel the last three years!!!

On behalf of the Bromont Men's Curling Classic Committee, we would like to extend our sincere "Thanks" to the many groups and their individual volunteers who supported us with help in the kitchen, with the BBQ, the bar staff, the draw masters, the pancake breakfast helpers, as well as, the shuttle drivers who made sure the competitors made it safely back to their hotel rooms or homes. A special "Thank You" goes out to our ice team, Mark and Nathan, who prepared the excellent ice conditions. We are always reminded that our club events are only successful with the much-needed support from its willing members.

Our next Spiel was the United Way Bonspiel that took place on Saturday, March 10th. This fundraising bonspiel had 32 teams participating in two six end games. Many of the participants were novice curlers and in some cases brand new to the game, however, several of our members who were in the spiel assisted them so it would be an enjoyable experience for all. Audrey Quibell, one of the spiel’s organizers, was very thankful for the use of our facility and looks forward to running it again next year.

On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, our club welcomed 20 teams of curlers to our Lindsay Women’s Open Bonspiel. It was a sea of green on the ice and throughout the club, as everyone got into the spirit of the day. A great day of curling and socializing was enjoyed by all. The first place winners were a team from the Royal Kingston Curling Club, skipped by Tammy Scott-Zelt. We would like to thank Ruth Marquis of Re-Max Realty and Rebekah McCracken of Hamilton Creek Smartly Casual & Hamilton Creek Travel Trends, our sponsors, as this event would not be possible without their support. Many thanks to Marion Perras, Cheryl Saunders, Donna Dingman, Finni Verbik, Jan Robinson, Linda Shier the organizing committee and also thank you to Susan Ireland who helped throughout the day. By all accounts it was a great day!!!

Lindsay Curling Club “Share the Wealth”:

We had three Share the Wealth draws last month and the winners are……

The week of February 26th – Mar. 2nd…Linda Foss - $22.20 and Leslie Fargo - $14.80
The week of March 5th – March 9th ……Dave Geelen - $21.90 and Dave Nigh - $14.60
The week of March 12th - March 16th…Diane Carras - $28.50 and Marg Preston - $19.00

Congratulations to the above winners and thank you to all who participated in this years’ Share The Wealth!!!!

OCA Events:

The Lindsay Curling Club has been a very active participant in the various OCA events available throughout the year. We have also been very successful in all levels of the competitions. There are two events coming up in April in which LCC has teams participating. The first being the Women's Double Team Tankard. Should the ladies advance they will play the very next day in the Provincials at the Annandale Golf & Curling Club on April 8th. Good Luck and Play Well ladies!!

OCA Women's Tankard Double Team Provincial Qualifier at Tam Heather Curling Club, April 7th Wendy Findlay, Marilyn Angiers, Luanne Rae, Dawn Manderson, Julie O'Neill, Lisa Jones, Susan Cully and Chrystal Leavens

The second event in which we have LCC curlers in is the BrokerLink Mixed Provincial Championships being held at the Quinte Curling Club. Good Luck Team Bolton!!

BrokerLink Mixed Provincial Championship at Quinte Curling Club April 11 – 15 John Bolton, Angie Melaney, Terry Jenkins and Tara Stephen

End of Season and Equipment:

It is now the end of the season and what should we do with our curling equipment? Often after the last game is played we close up our locker and the contents of the locker stays there until startup of the next year. Clean lockers out, there may be items there that you have been looking for. Brooms, shoes and gloves can all stay in the locker, if you wish, but clothing should be taken home and returned next curling season all fresh and clean. You will be keeping the same locker as you have now for next season so it is not necessary to turn in your lock. As far as grippers and broom heads go you should inspect each carefully A general rule of thumb is to purchase a new head and gripper for each new curling season. If the gripper looks worn pitch it out and purchase a new one. It will help to keep our ice clean and also keep you safe on the ice. The broom head can be cleaned and used again. I have heard of people using a power washer to clean the broom head or using a soft brush a little bit of soap and warm water. Of course, if you curl a lot you may want to switch them out once or twice a season.

Early Bird Registration:

Register for the 2018 - 2019 curling season and avoid possible increases to your membership dues. Also, have your name added to a list for a chance to win back your membership fee as Don Harris did last year!! Dues must be received on or before June 1, 2018 to be eligible for the draw. The draw will be made at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 19th , 2018. Registration forms are available at the LCC office or see the attached form (click the link for the form). Please be advised that the Wednesday Night Flex League and the Friday Night Mixed Late Draw are being looked at for possible changes.

Rock Handle Sponsorship:

Just a note to bring you up to date regarding the rock handle sponsorship. I have been in touch with almost everyone, except for a few who have wintered in the sunny south, about renewing your sponsorship. Many of you have dropped by the office with your cheque already and you can still do that if you wish. However, I will be sending out invoices in the next few weeks via email and you can drop by the office with your payment. Just a reminder that the office will only be open on Tuesday and Thursday throughout the off season from 10:00 am to noon. Thank you to everyone for signing up again for another five years.

An Interesting Request:

In early December I received an email from a David Sgriccia, a member of the Detroit Curling Club and a self-proclaimed historian. He had an interesting request that I would like to share with you. The title of the email was just simply “Lost Stones”.

I am trying to write an article on the curling stones lost when the SS Athenia was sunk by a German U-Boat in September 1938. There are a number of curling clubs in Canada and the USA that have stories within their respective clubs that it was "their" stones that were lost. The Lindsay CC is one of those clubs. Does the club have any records to support the claim or is it just a good story?

How many sheets of ice at the club in 1938?
How many members approximately?
How many stones or pairs of stones were lost by The Lindsay CC?
Do you know if other Ontario Clubs lost stones in this same shipment?

Any and all information (old newsletters, Board of Director Minutes, etc.) pertaining to this story would be appreciated.

Good Curling,

David M. Sgriccia
Detroit Curling Club

I was intrigued by the email as I had heard of this occurrence from some of our elder members and started to communicate with David. We exchanged emails and after I had completed some research of my own I was able to find reference to the “Lost Stones” recorded in the minutes of 1939. I found two record books in our trophy showcase cupboards. The first record book found was dated 1876 and contained handwritten records of the first ever LCC meeting then subsequent minutes/records up to 1892 and another book which began in 1931 to the last entry in 1950. It is in this record book, I found reference to the purchase of new rocks in March of 1939, again in October of 1939 and finally in October of 1940 the purchase of a new set of rocks at a cost of $1,813.00. When I shared this information with David it peaked his interest even more and he set to work to investigate further.

David has now completed an article he wrote for the Detroit Curling Club's newsletter. He has broken it up into four parts and I intend to share it with you over the summer. It was interesting researching the history of the club and also it was interesting reading his finished article. Watch for it in future emails entitled “Lost Stones”

Well, that's about all for now. I will continue to send out newsletters and updates over the summer to keep everyone informed with what is happening around the club with regard to the accessibility project, rentals, yard sales and of course the dance in June. I hope you all have a great summer!!! Remember, we are always looking for new members so spread the word about our great club!

Dave Nigh