February 2018 Newsletter

Hello Folks,

Two months left of curling. That’s correct, it’s hard to believe. February will just fly by as we have a Steak Night, the Jack DeBois Senior Invitational Spiel, The Frost Whetter Oaklin Insurance two day ladies spiel, two Senior Interclub days, the City of Kawartha Lakes spiel, the Humane Society Bonspiel, and an OCA Senior Mixed Open Qualifier. Wow, what a busy month!! Before you know it we will be wrapping up for the season. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and get started on this month’s newsletter.


Heart & Soul Ladies Daytime Bonspiel:

On Wednesday, January 10th the day time ladies had their annual Heart & Soul Bonspiel. It was a great day and I would like to share a report provided by the bonspiel convenor Janet Guillard.

There was a good deal of fun and competition at the Lindsay Curling Club January 10, 2018 at the Lindsay Ladies Bonspiel, generously hosted once again by Kim Thornbury of the HNS Giftware Store.

The Bonspiel was kicked off with baked goodies and coffee served at 9:30. Thanks to the guys serving, to the ladies contributing the morning treats and those setting the tables for lunch. Chairperson Jan Guillard welcomed the team members, and introduced Arol Fairbairn, our Draw Master.

Diane’s Country Cooking served a delicious lunch. Jan welcomed our sponsor, Kim, thanked Arol, Anthony, our bartender, Mark our ice maker and Dave for all his able assistance leading up to and during the bonspiel!

Carol Douglas and committee prepared delicious snacks for everyone as they relaxed following their games. Eleanor Baldrey organized and sold Share the Wealth tickets and the draw for Hogged Rocks and Double knockout, assisted by Carol Douglas.

Finally, the highlight of the day, the prizes for the winning teams! First: Nancy Graham, Judy MacLean, Mary Keenan and Diane Carras Second: Anita Allen, Nancy McKague, Jan Robinson and Jean Kyle Third: Barb Fairbairn, Diane Argue, Allison Chenier and Elaine McGee Fourth: Donna Scott, Sandra Anderson, Joyce Foote and Brenda Lapierre

The chairperson ended the day by thanking Kim, everyone who contributed to the success of the day and to the Committee, Mary Auld, Eleanor Baldry, Nancy Graham, Liz Gundy and Bonnie Steele who typed all the charts and information for the Bonspiel.

We must take a moment and thank Janet Guillard for all the work she put into this successful bonspiel. Janet has convened the spiel for several years now and always does an excellent job. “Thank You” Janet for all of your hard work :-)

U-15 Youth Bonspiel:

On Saturday, January 13th the Lindsay Curling Club hosted a bonspiel for young aspiring curlers. It has been a number of years since a bonspiel has taken place for the future Rachel Homan’s and Kevin Koe’s of the curling world. Our youth coordinator, Diana Rogers, began planning this spiel about this time last year. She found sponsors, contacted clubs and originally had planned to have both Little Rockers and U-15s playing at the same spiel. As it turned out, for this year she had twelve under 15 years of age teams come to compete at this spiel. Diana prepared a report and again I would like to share it with you.


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our first U-15 Bonspiel, Saturday, January 13 such a success. The weather co-operated so all teams made it to the club. Our big surprise came in the middle of the night when the alarms went off and the plant shut down. We are thankful and grateful to Nathan West who came in at 5:00 a.m. followed by Dave Nigh and got things working again. No one knew what had happened and praised our great ice. All the curlers, coaches, parents, grandparents and spectators were delighted and only had good things to say about our hospitality and wonderful club. Teams said they would like to be invited back next year.

There were 12 teams of youth from Peterborough, Bobcaygeon, Haliburton, Uxbridge, Oshawa, Wilberforce, Quinte and our own Lindsay club.

Curlers and guests were offered morning hospitality of different loaves, muffins, juices and tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

A lunch of sandwiches, soup choice, veggies and dip, cookies, chocolate milk and blue bubblegum ice cream and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce was served to the curlers. There were lots of seconds on the bubblegum ice cream. Each curler also received a table favour of a Crayola product and a pen from our sponsor.

Spectators were very supportive of our club buying their lunch from the club kitchen. They were offered a soup choice, plain or grilled ham and cheese or egg salad sandwiches as well as meatballs and sauce on a bun with cheese. At times there was a lineup stretching the length of the club of those waiting to be served. We were most grateful for their support.

Special thanks to our sponsor John O’Reilly Real Estate Brokerage. Without the generosity of sponsors like John, these bonspiel don’t happen. Local businesses and club members made generous donations to the draw prize table. Thanks to Marilyn O’Reilly, Audrey Johnston, Sandra Anderson, Mary McKay, Laurene Green, Cathy Terry, Anita Allen, Mary Auld, Pat Clarke, Angela and Jeff Porteous, Mike Smith, Bruce Rogers emcee extraordinaire, Dave Nigh, Nathan West, draw master Arol Fairbairn and Kim Ross and Deb Hatch who were awesome.

John presented the trophy and prize envelopes to the top team from Haliburton. Other winning teams were from Bobcaygeon, Oshawa and Wilberforce.

We look forward to another great U-15 bonspiel next year and hope to add a separate bonspiel for Little Rockers sponsored by Crayola Canada.

Thanks again to everyone. The bonspiel was also a financial success. Diana Rogers Youth Leader and bonspiel organizer

“Thank You” Diana for spearheading this bonspiel. You did a ton of work to get this first annual U-15 spiel off to a roaring start. The place was packed with kids, coaches, proud parents, thrilled grandparents and many LCC members who came out to watch our future curlers. Thank you again!!!!

Lindsay Curling Club “Share the Wealth”

We had four Share the Wealth draws last month and the winners are…..

The week of January 2nd …..Carole Douglas - $41.40 and Doris Chidley - $27.60 The week of January 8th …. Gayle Westacott - $41.40 and Andre Charbonneau - $27.60 The week of January 15th….Marilyn O’Reilly - $25.20 and Linda Gauthier - $16.80 The week of January 22nd….Anita Allen - $32.40 and Richard Poersch - $21.60

Steak Night:

Mark Friday, February 9th on your calendars as it is our next steak night. The signup sheet is posted in its usual spot and it is your Board members who will be working in the kitchen. We will be looking for extra helpers for the night as we cannot fill all the spots to run a steak night with just our Board Members. I will be approaching the various leagues for extra helpers and if you have a couple of hours to spare that night and have not had an opportunity to help out at a steak night yet this year please see me in the office and I’ll sign you up.

OCA Events:

You may recall that the OCA introduced a competition that our youth curlers can participate in a few years ago. It is called the "Hit, Draw & Tap Championships". It is an event for children aged from 9 - 13 years old. This event is an individual youth skills competition where the children are grouped into three different age categories, to perform three different shots - a "Hit", a "Draw" and a "Tap". The difficulty of the skills is modified based on the age of the child. This event is taking place at clubs across the province that choose to host a club championship. The rationale behind this new event is to give younger children a chance to gain confidence, expose more children to curling and to recruit (hopefully) youth to clubs. Those who qualify can advance to compete against curlers their own age in a provincial championship which will be played at the Men's Recharge with Milk Tankard this weekend in Huntsville. This year we have two young curlers, Miranda Teel and Owen Porteous heading to the Canada Summit Centre in Huntsville, Ontario to take part in the Provincial Championship. We wish them both the best of luck and most of all enjoy the time you have with the other competitors and have fun!!

Playing at the Bradford Curling Club on February 9th – 11th is the team of Gary Grant, Bill Harrison, Terry Jenkins, Dave Farr and Randy Grant. They will be participating in the Senior Men’s Challenge Round. Good luck fellows, play well.

On February 17th and 18th a Lindsay team will be playing at the Oshawa Curling Club in the Intermediate Provincial Qualifier. Good luck to the team of Dave Geelen, Tim Raven, Jim Scott and Dave Nigh.

We also have a team moving on to the Senior Men’s Provincial Championships later this month. The team of Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Henry Jetten and Dan Reynolds will be heading to the Glendale Golf and Country Club from February 21st to February 25th . Good luck and play well.

Later this month, Lindsay Curling Club is hosting the Senior Mixed Championship Open Qualifier from February 16th -18th . We have two teams taking part in this event and we wish them the best. The two teams are Lyle Cully, Wendy Findlay, Dan Reynolds and Susan Cully and the other LCC team is Gary Grant, Jane Hooper-Peroud, Dave Farr and Karyn Issler. As always spectators are welcome.

The Lindsay Curling Club has hosted a number of OCA events this year, in fact, 5 in total. Many of the teams playing are playing here for the very first time. They get to enjoy what we experience each time we step on the ice. We must thank Mark and Nathan for all of their hard work. They deserve all the accolades they have received and we are extremely fortunate to have them as our ice technicians. “Thank You” Mark and Nathan!!

We also need to thank Deb Hatch who has taken on the task of coordinating the kitchen for all of these events. She and Kim Ross have spent many, many hours preparing and organizing meals for the competitors and also the many spectators who have travelled to our club to cheer on their favourite team. We also need to thank all of the volunteers who have spent one, two or more shifts helping to serve coffee, prepare and serve morning goodies, preparing and serving lunch and dinner meals. I know that the curlers appreciate it as well as the patrons of the game.

Another group that needs to be thanked are our Lindsay Curling Club OCA reps., John Baldry, Katie McLaughlin and Cathy Terry. They have spent entire weekends here at the club welcoming curlers and spectators, assisting with and overseeing team practices, updating the on-line scoring, organizing the ice assignments and taking care of any challenges that may pop up. Thank you for your time and dedication. Another LCC member that needs to be thanked is Bill Rourke. He has been acting as an OCA official overseeing the events and he has spent the entire time from the very start of the event to the very last rock thrown. His expertise and experience was invaluable and appreciated!!!

Lastly, “Thank You” to all of our members who assisted with various duties throughout these events and also to those who came out to watch the games and to support our club. You are awesome!!

Fundraising Dance:

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter LCC is organizing a dance to take place at the club on Saturday, June 2nd. The proceeds of this dance is going to assist with the funding of the accessibility project. The band featured is ”Flash Back” and they play mainly 50’s and 60’s music. Tickets are avaliable from the following individuals and locations: Lindsay Curling Club Office, Mary Ellen Gerster, Cheryl Saunders and at Wally’s Haircutting. The dance is open to the public and of course the members of our club. The cost per ticket is $20.00 and we hope to sell 500 tickets. Mark this date on your calendar and please support the club and purchase a ticket or two.

Reminders for Your Calendar:

Saturday, February 4 - City of Kawartha Lakes Fun Spiel
Wednesday, February 7 - DeBois Senior Invitational Bonspiel
Friday, February 9 - Regular Seniors and Inter Club Play (Peterborough Golf & Country Club)
Friday, February 9 - Steak Night
Saturday, February10 - Humane Society Charity Bonspiel
Saturday, February 17 - Sunday, February 18 - OCA Senior Mixed Open Qualifier
Wed., February 21 and Thursday., February 22 - Frost Whetter Oaklin Two Day Ladies Bonspiel
Tuesday, February 27 - Regular Seniors and Inter Club Play (Ennismore)

That’s about all for now.

Dave Nigh