December 2017 Newsletter

Greetings everyone,

It's December already!!! Time sure does fly by!!!! “Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again” to Audrey Johnston and her committee of Linda Matson, Bernice Zigomanis and Hermine Flynn for the fantastic job of making the club so festive looking. You do such a great job and we appreciate all of your efforts!!

Curling will continue right up to Friday, December 22nd. There will be a short break over the Christmas holidays and then curling will commence on Tuesday, the 2nd of January with Seniors at 9:30 am, Ladies Skip Entry at 1:30 pm, Tuesday Evening Women at 6:45 pm and finally at 9:00 pm the Skip Entry League.

Mark and Nathan will be busy flooding over the holidays and there is talk of texturing the rocks in preparation of the OCA Men’s Tankard Challenge Round beginning on the 19th of January and running through to Sunday, January 21st. So be prepared for more than normal curl in the new year.

Steak Night:

Mark Friday, December 8th on your calendar as it is our next Steak Night fundraiser. The Men's section is working that evening and we expect a large crowd. The BBQ will be ready to cook on by 5:30 pm. Signup sheet is located on the main floor bulletin board. As mentioned above, the Men’s Section is working that evening and we need help in the kitchen serving, preparing salads, cutting up pie, loading and unloading dishes from our dishwasher and as well as, tending to the BBQ. For the most part, we are a volunteer club and we are looking for helpers to assist that evening. A sign-up sheet to help is upstairs at the bar so if you can offer a few hours of your time on the 8th of December it would be greatly appreciated.


DeNure Bonspiel: Report from Darlene McIntyre

Teams from Oakwood, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Ennismore and Lakefield clubs joined our own Lindsay teams for the DeNure Tours Women’s Bonspiel on November 17. The overall winner was the team of Betty Goard, Pat Boyd, Cathy Simpson and Donna Paul. Congrats to Pat Ford, Gail Pillsworth, Pat Clarke and Sandra Widdis, who were High Two Game winners in the Early Draw.

We appreciate the support of the visiting teams for our invitational bonspiels. Club members are reminded to check posted invitations from other clubs and consider supporting them as well. Many of our visitors commented on the quality of our ice, which we are fortunate to play on regularly. A shout out to Mark and Nathan for a job well done!

I would like to thank all club members who helped make the DeNure Bonspiel a success. Linda Foss and Denise Winterton worked very hard on the day and for weeks ahead to make my job easier. Carole Douglas along with her sister-in-law, Nancy, and Faye Clark, worked through the day to provide after-game snacks for appreciative curlers. Our morning crew of Shirley Richardson, Bonnie Steele and Sandra Anderson served up coffee and muffins, jams, etc. donated by our members. Thanks to all who provided the morning treats.

Thanks also to Gloria Broad for helping out at lunch, and kudos to Mary McKay and Anne Rodd who were on hand to help out all day. Once again Arol ably served as drawmaster and Anthony kept everyone happy at the bar, with many people ordering up his “Special of the Month”.

We, of course, are grateful to DeNure Tours for their longstanding sponsorship of this bonspiel. Congratulations to Anne Rodd for winning the $100. travel voucher!

I would also like to thank Dave for looking after some last minute things, such as the management of the dreaded parking passes, and solving unexpected glitches.

We look forward to seeing everyone back next year!

Patron President Bonspiel:

Twenty teams played Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the second last week of November in the Patron President Bonspiel. Eighty curlers from the Lindsay Curling Club took part in this annual "in-club" bonspiel. This year the format of the spiel was altered slightly with only six ends being played. There were many comments that favored this decision as the late draw were off the ice by 10:00 pm which all appreciated. Pizza was served on the early draw on Wednesday and Thursday as well as the cash prizes to the winners on the final night.

This bonspiel is sponsored by this year's Patron, Mark Fevang and our President Wendy Findlay and money collected from our weekly ”Share the Wealth” draw. The teams are made up of men and women from all of the various sections of our club and they competed together over the three evenings. Our overall three game high winner (Patron Winner) was the team skipped by Mark West, Vice, Doug Murray, 2nd, Ken James and Lead, Gary Ralph. The President's winner was Lyle Cully, Sue Ireland, Eric Harding and Andre Quirion. Congratulations to these top two three games winners.

Doug Scott, Mark Fevang and myself have been running this spiel for a number of years and we all take great pleasure in drawing up the teams from a blind draw and watching folks from different leagues meeting each other and playing together on the same team, often, for the very first time. That is what makes this bonspiel so unique and fun to play in!! We hope that everyone had a great time and we look forward to running it again next year. Maybe with this new format we can persuade a few more people to play to get the full 24 teams.

Lindsay Curling Club “Share the Wealth”

There are four members going home with a few more dollars in their pockets from the last two “Share the Wealth” draws. Gail Pillsworth received $61.20, June Pick - $48.00, Marion Perras - $40.80 and Jack Kyle - $32.00. It is easy to play just drop a toonie in the collection box, write you name beside your favourite number and cross your fingers. You never know, you too, may go home with a few extra dollars.

OCA Events:

This past weekend (November 24 – 26) the Lindsay Curling Club hosted the Scotties Tournament of Hearts East Qualifier and were treated to some amazing shot making. The 13 teams played throughout the weekend and the three finalist are advancing to the Scotties Provincials at the Whitby Curling Club on January 10th -14th. The winning teams were Team Flaxey from the Granite Club, Team Armstrong representing the Rideau Curling Club and Team Inglis from the Dixie Curling Club.

There are many people who spent their weekend at the club preparing meals, serving coffee and morning treats, tending bar, officiating the games, greeters, ice prep team and many other volunteers who made the curlers feel at home and tended their every need. I would like to “Thank” each and every person who helped out on the weekend to carry on the growing reputation of the Lindsay Curling Club. You all did a first rate job. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!!

We have some exciting news to share about some of our very own teams that have taken part in OCA events last month. The team of Angie Melaney, Tara Stephen, Kristine Mitchell and Julie Schley advanced to the OCA Trophy Provincials at the Midland Curling Club. I am sure the team would like to recognize Erin Jenkins as well. She filled in for Kristine Mitchell who was unable to play at the qualifier due to injury. The ladies will be travelling to Midland to take part in the eight team provincial from December 6th to the 10th and we wish the ladies the very best. Good Curling, Play Well.

Another team advancing to the next level of play was the team of Dave Nigh, Malcolm Florence, Jim Scott and Dave Shaw who took part in the Masters Open Qualifier at the Campbellford Curling Club. They will be travelling to the Brighton Curling Club on December 16 & 17 to take part in the Provincial Qualifier. Good luck, play well.

Events coming up in the month of December are the OCA Restricted Provincial Qualifiers for both the Men and Women Challenges, the Open Qualifiers for the Men’s Tankard, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts Challenge Round and the Zone 5 Grand Masters, which by the way, is being hosted right here at the Lindsay Curling Club on Wed. Dec. 6th, Thurs. Dec 7th and Friday, Dec 8th.

There will be 5 teams competing for the right to represent Zone 5 at the Grandmasters Provincials later in 2018 at the Thornhill Curling Club. We have a Lindsay C.C. team participating in this event skipped by Wayne Medford, vice - Roger LeBlanc, 2nd - Denis Johnston and Lead - John Ekins. We wish the guys the best of luck and as always spectators are welcome.

On December 16th and 17th at the Ennismore Curling Club the team of Tim Raven, Mark West, Ryan Miles and Chris Miles are playing in the Fairfield Marriott Challenge. Play well guys!!!!!

If you have entered an OCA Event please remember to inform the office so that I can recognize the teams participating and also those who are moving on to the next level.

Accessibility Project:

Just a note to bring you up to date with regard to the accessibility project. Progress has been painfully slow, to say the least, and it looks as if we will be holding off until April to fully complete the installation of the lift.

The reason why there is going to be that delay is that the contractor needs a time to open up entrances to the shaft and the small foyer connecting the shaft to the ladies lounge. The issue is that they need to cut 4 new openings in the club walls and this would close off access to the main floor entry as well as the upper stair area, which could be managed. However, the problem is the two openings at the lower landing will close the access to the ladies change/washroom areas and the Men’s locker room.

Since there does not appear to be a minimum of one week space to do this during the curling season and there is a real concern of dust/debris settling and tracking on to the ice it was agreed that the exterior work proceed and be finished this year which would include insulation, siding and roofing. The gas line would also be relocated and re-routed which needs to be co-ordinated with us as to not interfere with the preparation of meals (Curl and Dine, Steak Night, Bonspiels or rentals) or during busy league play days as it is expected to take one day where the heat would be shut off and the kitchen unavailable. Also, an access point is needed into the shaft to allow work to proceed. Options are an outside opening or cutting the second floor opening which would appear to be the best option. The space required to cut the opening would be contained to the second level and every precaution will be taken to confined the amount of dust and debris created. The upstairs washrooms were completed to a point of occupancy and since then there has been some toilet issues with backups at recent functions which will be corrected, as well as, trim work and other items that are needed to be completed.

Once the above is completed, the job site will be closed during the balance of the winter and curling season with the new openings and lift installation to happen in April 2018 after the curling season is completed.

It certainly is not what we envisioned, however, with winter fast approaching it appears to be the best option for us at this stage of construction and curling season.

Reminders For Your Calendar:

Dec. 6, 7,& 8 – OCA Grand Masters
Dec. 8th – Steak Night
Dec. 13 – Kawartha Senior Men’s Spiel
Dec. 22 – Last curling day before the Christmas Break
Jan. 2nd – League play resumes

A Christmas Poem (with our LCC Board Members):

Twas the night of the bonspiel and all through the club,
The curlers had gathered with one or two subs.
The ice had been cleaned, could be trusted, and true
So curlers could sweep and score one point or two.

The curlers were out on the ice, keen to start
With visions of winning the gold in their heart
The Skip’s in the House and the Lead’s in the hack
She’s ready to throw but the sweepers are whacked.

From deep in their training they pulled some reserves
And bent to the task with admirable nerve.
The rock slid down the ice like a slow motion dream
And Angie called them on to encourage the team.

Throw Emma, Run Wendy
Go Doug, Sweep hard!
But stop short of the House
‘Cause I must have a Guard!
The game’s on the line,
Judge weight like a pro
You’ll value the guard
When it’s your turn to throw.

John spoke not a word as he thought out the shots,
His team filled the house with all of their rocks,
Then he covered his eyes as Kim went to throw
and gave out a sign when the rock curled by.

He looked at Barb and Cathy as well,
and rushed down the ice to John Ireland himself.
He settled in the hack to make his last throw
to knock the shot rock back and end the show.

He sprang to his feet
and slid down the sheet,
to shake all the hands and then wave to the fans.
I heard David and John as they walked out of sight
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night".

That’s about all for now. If I do not see you have a safe and Merry Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year.