June 2017 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

It is hard to believe that June is upon us. It sure has been a cool and wet start to the summer. It won't be long before the temperatures start to rise and if last summer was any indication we will be wishing for rain.

Many folks have registered for next years' curling season and because of their Early Bird Registration their name will be put into the draw to win back their membership at the AGM on Tuesday, June 20th at 7:00 pm.

We had a few rentals in May and we also have a couple already lined up for this month. This revenue helps us to pay the bills that we have over the summer months. Even though the club is closed, we still have bills to pay and we need the revenue generated from these rentals and we do appreciate the "Early Bird Registrations" as well, as they all help us with the expenses we have during the off season.

A year or so ago, we set up a program through Boston Pizza Lindsay called "Team Rewards Program". If you recall Boston Pizza would give the curling club a 10% credit of the before tax value of all guest receipts, inclusive of food and alcohol. We accumulated $164.00 voucher dollars over the past year. Thank you to all of you who participated. Boston Pizza have now started a new program called "Team HQ" which stands for Team Headquarters. The program runs just about the same as the previous program, but, instead of depositing your receipt in their receipt box at the restaurant you would drop off the receipt to the LCC office and the captain for our team will enter the 11 digit promo number found at the bottom of your receipt. I have been in contact with Boston Pizza and I am in the process of signing up as Team Captain. I believe that this was done to take the chore away from the Boston Pizza Franchise of entering each and every receipt they received for the many different organizations that signed up for the rewards program. So, if you happen to go to Boston Pizza for a meal, drinks etc. save your receipt and drop it off to me at the club. Twice a month I will enter the promo number into the program so we can continue to take advantage of this program.

Annual General Meeting:

Do not forget about our AGM on Tuesday, June 20th at 7:00 pm. We will be reviewing the Annual Report of the Board of Directors, Financial Statements and Activities that occurred over the past curling season. Directors will also be elected to serve on the Board for the upcoming year. We will be discussing other business that is important to you as a member of our club. Please plan to attend this very important meeting. If you are unable to attend, see attached June 2016 Minutes click here for the minutes and a Proxy, click here for the form that you can fill out and drop off at the club.

OCA Events:

For the 2017 - 2018 curling season the Lindsay Curling Club will be busy hosting several OCA events. Not only do we, yet again, get to showcase our awesome club these teams will be treated to our ever-growing LCC hospitality. We are very fortunate to be able to host these events as they generate revenue for our club. Take for example, the Senior Provincials that we hosted in February. We were able to generate just over $18,000.00 during the week long event. It was certainly a monumental amount of work but it truly paid off in the end. Also, the curlers themselves get to experience the same ice conditions that we are so very lucky to have day in and day out thanks to Mark and his son, Nathan.

First up, we will be hosting the Scotties Tournament of Hearts Provincial Qualifier in November, next comes the Grand Masters qualifier in December, followed by the Men's Tankard Challenge Round in January and finally the Senior Mixed Open Qualifier in February. It looks like another busy at the Lindsay Curling Club.

On another note, we had several teams participating in OCA events last year and one of these teams sent a note to the club and I thought that I would share it with you.

To the members of the Lindsay Curling Club,
Team Melaney would like to express how sincerely thankful we are to the members of our club for your support and encouragement this past season. Our thanks is coming a little late – we should have said this long ago…but better late than never!
At each event we traveled to this year, so many of you followed our games online and sent us text, Facebook and twitter messages of support. We can’t tell you how wonderful it is to come off the ice, win or lose, to find text message after text message on our phones telling us how each of you were rooting for us and that we made you proud. We sat in the change room after every game reading countless messages of support to one another with big smiles on our faces. No other team we met this year receives that support from the members of their club. We treasured each message and we thank you for taking the time to send them!
Thank you also to those of you who travelled (and sometimes quite a distance!) to see us play. We know there were a million things you could have been doing, but you chose to invest your time in us, and we are truly honored by that. To look up and see the smiling face of a club member behind the glass waving and cheering us on can turn any game around (though not always on the scoreboard…). So if you came to see us play somewhere this past season, thank you so much!
We were also amazed and humbled by the number of you who approached us at the club to congratulate us on a good performance or to tell us that you thought we played well after a loss. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It means the world to us.
We are proud to be part of a club that treats us like family, and we look forward to representing you next season! From the bottom of our hearts, (one more time) THANK YOU!
Angie, Tara, Krissy, Julie and Chrystal

This is just another example of how special our club is. We support each other through thick and thin, through difficult times and happy times. It is like a great big family and it is truly an awesome place to spend our winter months.

Accessibility Update:

Just a note to bring folks up to date with regard to our accessibility project. We met with both Wilcox Architects Inc. and Carbon Contracting Inc. the first week of May and we have learned that we can complete the project in phases. The first phase would be the construction and addition of the lift and the foyer connecting the lift with the walkway/foyer towards the ladies locker area. The second phase would be on the second floor where the two present washrooms are retrofitted to become barrier free washroom/change rooms and as well a new storage area. The third and final phase would allow access to the ice/playing surface complete with ramps and power operated door on the southeast corner of the ice surface. We were given updated construction budget costs and we have determined that we would be able to complete phase one and two. We are meeting again in the very near future to discuss our next steps and start up dates.

At our AGM in June there will be a presentation for our members to bring everyone up to speed and to inform our members as to the next steps to becoming a fully accessible building.

Reminders for your Calendar:

June 20 - Annual General Meeting at 7:00 pm
Sept. 13 - Registration Night
Sept. 20 - 24 - Lindsay Fair Gates

Just a reminder that the summer hours for the Club are from 10:00 am to noon on Tuesday and Thursdays'. All calls and emails will be dealt with during these times. Have a wonderful relaxing summer!!

Dave Nigh