November 2016 Newsletter

Greetings everyone,  

It is hard to believe we are already into the month of November. All of our leagues are well on there way and we must say, "Thank You" to all of our league convenors for organizing their respective leagues. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together the different leagues and we thank them for all of the hours of preparation. If you have any questions regarding your leagues or the club please do not hesitate to ask the league convenors or myself. We welcome all the new members both young and those who are young at heart to the club and hope that you will enjoy your first year with us. It sure has been a great start to the 2016/17 curling season.

I would also like to thank Dave Francis for all the work he has done to our website. We have been sending him our updates for bonspiels, club calendars, league schedules and other various additions for the website and he has done a great job making the changes. If you have not visited our website please do as we are constantly tweaking it to make if more user friendly and informative. Thanks again Dave for all the work you have done.

Steak Night

Friday, November 4 marks our first steak night of the year. For our new member, we have four fundraising steak nights throughout the year. We have this one in November, one in December, February and finally Championship Night at the end of March. There has been a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board in the club. You simply indicate if you would like to order a steak ($21.00) or chicken breast ($17.50) by writing your name on the sheet and indicating your choice. The BBQ will be ready by 5:00 pm and when you arrive at the club, simply proceed to the kitchen counter pay for your meal, pick up your steak(s) or chicken and head out to the east side of the curling club to the Public Works parking lot. That is where the BBQ is set up. Cook your Steak/Chicken to perfection, as you are doing the cooking, come back in add a baked potatoe, salad etc. and then enjoy a delicious dessert to finish the meal off. It is an enjoyable evening and a nice night out at the club.

Thank you to all the volunteers from the Ladies Sections who signed up to help run the evening. Don't worry, the other sections such as the Men's, Mixed and even the LCC Board of the club will get their opportunity to sign up to help run this social fundraiser for the club. We depend on our membership to help out on other events that take place over the year and steak night is no different. It is a fundraiser for the club and we need our members to help out to run the four steak nights that we have throughout the year.

OCA News

The Travelers Curling Club Championships

The Travelers Curling Club Championships, the first Ontario Curling Association (OCA ) event of the year, began Saturday, October 22nd and concluded on Sunday, October 23rd at the Peterborough Curling Club. There were teams from Zone 5 and also Zone 6 participating in this event. We had two teams, one men's team and one ladies team participating in this opening OCA event. Unfortunately, the representing men's team skipped by Dave Nigh, Vice, Jim Scott, Second, Dave Geelen and Lead, Ryan Miles did not qualify to move on to the next level.

However, the ladies team skipped by Julie O'Neill, Vice, Lisa Jones, Second, Susan Cully and Lead, Tracy Hiddink did qualify for the Provincial Championships. These championships were held this past weekend at the Whitby Curling Club. After seven gruelling games the ladies came out on top and won the Provincial Championships and now head out to Kelowna, British Columbia to represent Ontario at the National Championships!!!!!

The Travelers Curling Club Championships is an annual event for men's and women's curling teams who have won their respective local club championships. Winning teams from each club will be "Travelers Club Champions" and will play down to produce a provincial/territorial champion from all ten provinces and three territories, plus a separate entry for Northern Ontario who will then compete at the national level.

This event gives grass roots curling teams from every corner of the country an opportunity to compete in provincial/territorial and national level competition. Club curlers are those who enjoy the sport recreationally, supporting club leagues on a regular basis from September to April. These teams now have a venue to demonstrate their skill against other curling clubs in their province/territory and country.

We all are extremely proud of of Team O'Neill and we hope that you will enjoy this tremendous accomplishment and we look forward to following you and your games at the National Championships in Kelowna B.C. later this month (November 21st to November 26)!!!! Well done ladies!!!

Master Men and Women Qualifiers

The Lindsay Curling Club is hosting the OCA Master Men and Women's Open Qualifiers on November 26 and 27th. There will be teams coming to our club to compete for the right to advance to the Provincial Qualifiers the very next weekend in December from the 2nd to the 4th. We have two LCC teams presently signed up to play in this event. Larry Sims, John Baldry, Bill Kennedy and Bill Rourke, as well as, the team of Dave Nigh, Jim Scott, Lyle Cully and Denis Johnston will be competing for the spots which lead to the next level. Good luck to both teams and, as always, spectators are certainly welcome.

Lindsay Curling Club "Share The Wealth”

Last week marked our first club wide "Share the Wealth" draw. For the entire week members could participate by dropping a toonie in the wooden bin and writing their name by their favourite number on the accompanying sheet. You could enter as often as you liked just as long as you paid $2.00 per line. At the end of the week we had $236.00 in the pot and the winners shared 50 percent of the winnings 60/40. Watch for our next club wide "Share the Wealth" draw beginning the week of November 14th. Congratulations to Terry Lenhardt and Diane Jenkins as their numbers were drawn.

Winners: Terry Lenhardt - $70.20 Diane Jenkins - $47.80

Name Tags

Some of our members have been inquiring about Lindsay Curling Club name tags. I am presently creating a list of names for those who wish to place an order and buy a name tag. The cost is $10.00 (tax included) and I'll wait until the end of November to place the order. If anyone would like to order a name tag please contact the LCC office or call 705-324-3851.

Book Sale:

Once again the Tuesday Evening Women's section is coordinating the ongoing Book Sale at the Curling Club. It is located upstairs in the lounge in the bookcase by Ice 1. Take a look at the selection - - Buy a book for only a buck, read it and bring it back for someone else to enjoy. If you have books to donate please bring them in.

Thanks for your participation......All proceeds go to our Curling Club.

From the LCC President

Below is a list of the Executive Board of Directors for the Lindsay Curling Club. Any issues, complaints or suggestions regarding the Lindsay Curling Club should be forwarded to a member of the board. The Board meets the third Wednesday of each month. Minutes of each board meeting will be posted on the bulletin board in the downstairs lounge once they are approved by the Board.

2016-2017 Executive Board: President - Wendy Findlay, Vice-President - John McCrae, Past President - Dave Wells, Secretary - Kim Ross, Treasurer - Emma Ireland, Directors: Anita Allen, Andy Hiddink, Cathy Mullins, Shirley Richardson and Jeff Wiltshire.

I would like to remind our members, due to allergies, we continue to be a Scent-Free building. Also, I would like to remind our members that we are hosting the 2016/17 Senior Men and Women's Provincial Championships in February. Please see the posted sign up sheets as we still require volunteers for various jobs during that week of the Provincials (February 15 - 19).


As mentioned above, the Lindsay Curling Club is hosting the Provincial Senior Men's and Ladies competition in February 2017. Teams from all over Ontario will be attending. As the host club, we are required to provide locker space to the visiting teams. We may need your assistance in this endeavour. We will be notifying you in early January if your locker is required. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation of this inconvenience.


On October 26th the "Ethel and Jeanette's Get Acquainted Bonspiel" had 48 curlers take place in a fun filled day of curling. The ladies were treated to muffins/snacks and coffee to begin the day and then a nice meal prepared by Dianne's Country Kitchen. The 12 teams had two games and the eventual trophy winner was Betty Goard, Hermine Flynn, Gail Pillsworth and Leslie Fargo. Congratulations ladies! On behalf of the Bonspiel Committee we would like to thank Ethel and Jeanette for their wonderful sponsorship, the curlers, volunteers and all who contributed their time in any way to a very successful day. A good time was had by all!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee of Bev McMillan, Pat Boyd and Jean Kyle who worked extremely hard to fill the bonspiel, decorate, organize and run this opening bonspiel. It was a great start to the new curling season. Thank you ladies!!!!

DeNure's Ladies Bonspiel is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th. There will be two draws beginning at 8:45 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The bonspiel consists of 2 eight-end games, morning treats, a hot lunch and snacks. All this for just $160.00 per team. Closing date for entries is November 6th so do not delay or it may be too late. For more information call Darlene McIntyre (705-324-9539) As always, spectators are welcome!

The Patron/President Bonspiel is an in-club spiel for all members of the LCC. It begins on Monday, November 21st and runs again on the 23rd and the 24th during the evening. Sign up sheet is in the club on the portable bulletin board. Feel free to sign up as a skip, vice, second or lead. Teams will be made up by a blind draw. There will be pizza served on either Wednesday or Thursday night after the 6:45 Draw. There are cash prizes given out to teams of each draw and a trophy presented to the three game winner who has the highest points overall. Money for pizza and cash prizes is provided by a cash donation from our President (Wendy Findlay) and the Patron of the Club (Don Huff) as well as the Men's Section 50/50 Draw. So don't delay sign up now for the Patron/President Bonspiel.

Speeding up the Game

Now that the club has, and is continuing to use, the countdown clock to regulate the length of a game in most of our leagues and bonspiels, here are a few reminders to keep the game moving and also to play all 8 ends within the given time limit..

  1. Be on the ice 5 minutes before game time. This allows for handshakes, warm-up slides, coin toss and still allows you to start on time.
  2. Sweepers should get out their own player’s next rock if they are able to get to it faster than their player. If your team mate has to get their slider on, or your skip is coming down the ice, get the rock out for them while you’re waiting.
  3. As soon as the opposing player has released their stone, the next player to throw should move quickly to the hack. Clean the rock and set up so when your skip takes control of the house, you are ready to throw.
  4. At the beginning of an end, if you do not have hammer, your lead should not help to put the rocks away. Instead, the lead should find their rock, get in the hack, clean their rock and be prepared to throw as soon as the skip is at the other end.
  5. Other than at the end of the game, rocks do not need to be put away in order (this one is hard for many people to let go of). Simply putting the rocks neatly in the corners and not worrying about number order saves a lot of time. If you are compulsive about putting rocks away in order skips can help by putting rocks that are out of play in their appropriate place as the end progresses.
  6. Skips must stay focused on the next shot and not be chatting with the opposing skip or players on adjacent sheets.

Try them all, try a few, but pick up the pace. It makes our sport more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Reminders for your Calendar:

  • November 4........................Steak Night (5:00 pm start)
  • November 6........................Youth Curling Begins (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm)
  • November 16......................DeNure's Ladies Bonspiel
  • November 21, 23 & 24.......Patron President Bonspiel
  • November 26 & 27.............OCA Event Master Men and Women Open Qualifiers

Well that's all for now,

Dave Nigh